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Too Clean: What We May Be Leaving Behind

cleaning products We might be just a little OC about clean, to a point that if we downsized our carbon footprint to a triple extra-small, someone would still be at it with a wipe.

Pumping Out the Septic on Transgender Toilets

toilet paper roll

This latest round of who can and cannot use the bathroom is the most absurd notion that state governments have raised to date. Aside from wasting taxpayer dollars on unnecessary legislation, these laws are a danger to public safety.

Who Do You Love?

My young son asked, “Momma, who do you love more? Me or Nicki?” I had to think. I knew the stock answer was, “I love you both the same,” but I didn’t. I loved some qualities about him that she didn’t have and she had some lovable qualities that I didn’t see in him.

Loving Linux

In the early nineties, I worked in a large department store. One day, I was sent to the electronics department to fill in for someone who was sick. I knew absolutely nothing about computers. A customer came in and asked if we had any mice. “Mice?” I replied, “I don’t think so, but have you checked the pet department?”

Trump Trash

garbage dump It's striking how similar what comes out of the back of a garbage truck is to what comes out of Donald Trump's mouth .

Fighting Fish

fighting fish

Will the final Republican Presidential candidate be presidential or will he just be too big to flush?

While some species of marine fish look good on the outside, they don’t play well with their own kind. In fact, they will fight to the death to win the territory. It's similar to what is happening in the Republican Presidential race.

Planned Parenthood

Although ending a pregnancy would never be my choice and I‘m past the age to have to worry about it, I do believe that every woman has the right to choose. In fact, the right to choose is paramount for me. I don‘t want government telling me what I can and cannot do unless it endangers or causes harm to another.

Dog Gone

Lincoln Motor Co. had a good idea when they chose Matthew McConaughey to be their spokes person. He's a man's man who is a heart throb for the ladies plus he has a talent for making folksy look classy. But, they should have kept the dogs out of his car.

Republican Anarchy

paper airplane breaking the rulesIt's about time that Congress quit playing around with our government and got to work. I was shocked to learn that their latest, greatest, idea is to privatize the FAA. As if that was an urgent issue.

Shoot du Jour: San Bernadino today. Where tomorrow?

So San Bernadino, California is the location of today's mass murder. How long will it be before we have a murder of the hour? When will we quit talking and start doing something about guns in the US.